Our Expertise


Bruce Winston takes pride in knowing that his collection features the most unique and gorgeous pieces in the market. With years of experience and a distinctive taste in collecting high end jewelry, Bruce Winston Gem Corp is constantly in search for the rare and exotic. We ensure that our global clientele has access to wide range of products, from an array of different eras.

The jewelry pieces we collect at Bruce Winston Gem Corp have stories to tell. And through our vast network, we hope to share these stories with the world.


The experts at Bruce Winston Gem Corp work meticulously to bring out a diamond’s full brilliance. With expertise in cutting diamonds and gemstones, we also specialize in repairing/restoring stones to return to its original form. Our unique skill of envisioning a more beautiful product based on the product’s current state allows BWG to consistently value merchandise at the highest price. Here we have our professionals create layouts for loose stones and make material, regardless of its condition, marketable. With endless imagination, we are able to visualize different ways to use and craft a distinct layout to be used in jewelry. Through our artistry and professionalism, we can breed new life back into these age old pieces.

Our Expertise


The art of the Bruce Winston Gem Corp bridges the past and present to create truly timeless brilliance. Bruce Winston travelled the world to perfect his craft of identifying pieces that are both rare and beautiful. And with the skills of artists, hand-picked by Bruce Winston, we create one of-a-kind pieces that express both the stone’s natural splendor and human imagination.

The Bruce Winston Gem Corp is not in the business of making ornaments, but crafting fine art. With Bruce Winston’s distinctive style, our team of accomplished craftsman has mastered diamond cutting and designing.