Bruce Winston- Chairman

Learning under the wing of his father, Bruce Winston started his journey in the diamond business from the early age of 19. Since then, he has mastered his craft and elevated his talent through the company. As chairman of the Bruce Winston Gem Corporation, his love of fine jewelry continues to grow to this day.


At age 19, Bruce Winston began working alongside his father Harry Winston in Geneva.


Bruce Winston traveled to London to work with jewelry industry leaders such as Phillip and Harry Oppenheimer, Gerald Rothschild, Vivian Prins and Bernard Ludell.


Bruce Winston moved to Antwerp, Belgium to work at the Harry Winston factory and at Constance Van Blerk. There he learned about the manufacturing and restoring of diamonds.


After learning everything he could abroad, Bruce Winston returns to New York to work for Harry Winston Inc. in the wholesale loose diamond and precious stone division. Throughout his time, he continued to travel to Europe and South America to interact with customers and manufacturers.


Bruce Winston became and executive member of HWI’s board of directors.


Bruce Winston left Harry Winston Inc. to pursue his own ambitions in the diamond industry.


Bruce Winston and diamond industry mogul, Eli Nhaissi, formed the Bruce Winston Gem Corp to focus on wholesaling diamonds, precious stones, and fine jewelry.

Eli Nhaissi – CEO

Eli Nhaissi formed Bruce Winston Gem Corporation with Bruce and Barbara in 2001. Eli has been in the gem and jewelry business for over 50 years. Throughout his career he has sold billions of dollars’ worth in diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. Mr. Nhaissi was the owner of Pan American Diamond Corporation, one of the largest wholesalers of Gems and Jewelry in America throughout the 1980’s and 90’s. With the entrance of low cost overseas competition, Mr. Nhaissi consolidated, focusing with his sons Yaron and Oren, on high-end diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. For the last twenty years, Eli has focused on cutting and wholesaling diamonds as well as precious gemstones. He is a longstanding member of the New York Diamond Dealers club.

Barbara Winston – President

As President of Bruce Winston Gem Corporation, Barbara’s passion for art, design, and fashion has shaped the successful direction of the company. Barbara’s love of Colored Gemstones (i.e. rubies, emeralds, and sapphires) reflects the strict quality control and direction in procuring such beautiful gems. She and Bruce continue to travel the world and are constantly in search of the finest diamonds and precious gemstones. Barbara is active in politics and philanthropy and is a member of the Board of Regents of the Center for Security Policy and the Hudson Institute, both Washington DC policy think tanks. In 2009 she received the Center for Security Policy’s Terry Elkes Sacred Honor Award. She is also a director of the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License of which Donald Kendall of Pepsico is Chairman as well as On the board of trustees of The Institute of International Education.