Our Company

The Bruce Winston Vision

Having a piece of estate jewelry is like owning a piece of history. These precious stones can carry a significance that has spanned centuries. And for years, Bruce Winston has been a leading figure in the estate jewelry market. Through his gem corporation, Bruce Winston continues his journey to find the most beautiful and famous jewelry to add to the “Bruce Winston Private Collection.” By purchasing entire estates, our company has created a truly unique jewelry collection, as well as an expansive catalog of pieces. Our collection of estate jewelry is as historically significant as they are beautiful, and BWG treats them like the precious human artifacts that they are. Trouver ici

Our global clientele can rest assured that our jewelry is of the highest quality, matched only by the top few companies in the industry. Clients of BWG have access to a vast set of jewelry from engagement rings to precious heirlooms. And with our broad network of sellers, that quite literally reach the corners of the earth, BWG clients will have a constant supply of the highest quality pieces in the world. Time-honored quality service, expertise, and artistry are what make the Bruce Winston Gem Corporation such a unique place.

Estate Buyers

Bruce Winston Gem Corporation is comprised of seasoned experts in diamonds, gemstones and estate jewelry. Our expertise, knowledge, and over fifty years of experience have made us premier buyers, and sellers in the estate market. We specialize in buying exceptional estate jewelry from every important design periods such as Edwardian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, and modern jewelry.

BWG understands and appreciates the value, beauty, rarity, and the kind of handwork and detail of estate jewelry that is not often seen in current jewelry designs. As a high-end jeweler, we are constantly searching for signed jewelry pieces from different time periods to supply our esteemed global clientele.


When it comes to wholesale merchandise, Bruce Winston Gem Corp is an expert in sourcing premium diamonds and gemstones. Our prices vary as we sell loose merchandise or make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. BWG uses high quality control standards to perfect each stone and piece of jewelry.

We take pride in selling the perfect product to each buyer. As a client of BWG, you can expect nothing but premier service and the utmost respect with assurance that the stone or piece of jewelry you’re buying is to the highest quality and standard.