Precious Gemstones

Gemstones vary in what they are made of depending on where in the world it originated from. This separates them from diamonds that are made of the same material regardless of their geographic origin. Where a gemstone comes from also gives it historical and cultural significance due to its individuality. Only three gemstones in the world are classified as precious gemstones. They are Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires

  • Emerald


    The most valuable emerald colors are bluish green to yellowish green to pure green with vivid color saturation and tone that is not too dark. Colombian emeralds are the most desired emeralds in the market. Throughout history, Colombian emeralds have been the rarest and most prized green gemstone. And due to its rarity, the price of an emerald rises significantly with its size.

  • Ruby-Red


    Rubies have the highest per-carat price ratio of any colored stone in the market. Of all the red rubies, the most valuable type is called pigeon blood-red. Desired for its bright color, Pigeon blood-red rubies have the most sought after over rubies of similar quality. A rubies geographic origin affects how deep and unique its colors are, thus affecting its value.

  • Sapphire-Blue


    The most valuable and brightest blue sapphires are known as “Cornflower” and “Royal Blue.” Sapphires can be pure blue but the colors can range from greenish-blue to violet-blue. The highest quality sapphires come from Kashmir and Burma due to their unmatched quality and beauty in color. Sapphires also come in different colors such as pink, yellow, orange, and purple to name a few.